Mike Moyle said
We attended a dinner last night in Sonoma, California, to watch a film based on the book – Smokestack Lightning: Adventures in the Heart of Barbecue Countryâ? by Lolis Eric Elie. Prior to the main film, Lolis showed a short piece about your BBQ establishment which looks great. Unfortunately is looks like about a 3,000 mile drive to get there, but it is tempting…. Hope to visit sometime. All the best.

Clarice Newsome said:
I’ve been eating this BBQ since I was little. Visiting my grandmother in Andrews every summer and holidays I can not leave South Carolina without getting some BBQ. As a born Texan we can eat some BBQ but be pretty much raised on this BBQ there is no comparison. I just bought some homes so my co-workers could have some. Needless to say that the dish was completely clean. Please keep up the great job. Great BBQ! P.S. Like an earlier reviewer I have to wash down my BBQ with Red Rock soda…we don’t have it in Texas

Chuck Plowden said:
Can’t wait to try your Q. See you Saturday.

Peter Jackson said:
Best BBQ I ever tasted. About to make a trip from Columbus Ohio to get some of that BBQ. It been about 16 years since I had some of Scott BBQ.

Jim Holowach said:
My wife, brother-in-law and I came all the way from Dirty New Jersey to visit Scott’s. We sure were not disappointed, everything was excellent especially the friendliness of the staff. We even got a tour of the pit’s and got to eat some poppers right out of the oil. Well worth the visit. Next time I am down in Palmetto State I’ll pay another visit.

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